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Generioc Adapalene - Adaferin Gel

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Quick Overview

Adaferin Gel 0.1% (Adapalene) is a gel based topical formulation, which is primarily indicated for treating the moderate to severe Acne plus it is applied to treat the symptoms of keratosis pilaris and other kinds of skin infections. It contains generic Adapalene as a main active ingredient and it belongs to the category of topical Retinoid. Generic Adapalene also sold under thevarious brands of Differin and Adapale.

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Adaferin Gel 0.1% contains Generic Adapalene is an active constituent. Adaferin Gel (Adapalene) is a topical Retinoid and it is similar to Vitamin A. It exerts their actions by inhibiting the sebaceous glands, which produces the excess oil and induce the Acne. After the inhibition of oil glands, it doesn’t produce pimples. As you all know that, oily skin is very prone to the causing the pimples.

Therapeutic Uses of Adaferin Gel 0.1% (Adapalene)

Adaferin gel 0.1% is basically applied to the skin for treating the indication of moderate to severe Acne.

Contraindications of Adaferin Gel 0.1% (Adapalene)

Adaferin Gel is not applied in case of:-

  • Patient having hypersensitivity towards generic Adapalene
  • Wounded, cut or scalded skin.
  • Abrasions, eczema, cuts or skin burn.
  • Pediatric patients under the age of 12 years.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Drug Interaction of Adaferin Gel 0.1% (Adapalene)

Certain drugs may interact with Adaferin Gel (Adapalene):-

  • Over the counter gel, cream and lotion.
  • Hydroxyl and glycolic products.
  • Herbal cream.
  • Salicylic acid containing products.
  • Alcohol or resorcinol.

How To Store Adaferin Gel 0.1% (Adapalene)

  • Keep this gel in cool, dry and hygienic condition.
  • Store this gel away from the direct contact of heat, sunrays and moisture.
  • Adapalene gel should be stored at the room temperature 300 C.

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Instructions for the application of Adaferin Gel 0.1% (Adapalene)

  • Before applying the gel, you should properly wash your skin.
  • Dry the skin with aclean towel.
  • Apply a thin film of Adaferin Gel overall the face and other affected area.
  • Adaferin Gel 0.1% is applied at night time before going to sleep.
  • You should continue the application of this gel for 8to10 days.
  • You should apply Adaferin Gel only one time in a day.

Side Effects of Adaferin Gel 0.1% (Adapalene)

Itching, irritation, scaling, erythema, dryness, stinging and burning sensation of the skin.

Worsening of pimples may occur during the first 2to4 week of using Adaferin Gel 0.1%.

Safety tips While Taking Adaferin Gel 0.1% (Adapalene)

  • Don’t apply Adaferin Gel around the area of nose, eye or lips.
  • Never apply any moisturizer, skin fairness cream and toner while using Adaferin Gel.
  • Don’t use any hair removal cream or wax while applying Adaferin Gel 0.1%.
  • Whenever you are going outside during daytime, so cover your skin by cotton cloths and apply sunscreen cream or lotion to avoid the sun exposure.
  • Avoid the products which contain alpha hydroxyl and glycolic acid.
  • Avoid the use of makeup and face powder on your face.