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Buy Adapin 50mg Tablets

Generic Doxepin - Adapin 50mg Tablets

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Quick Overview

Adapin brand comprises of Generic Doxepin as the functional moiety. The significant action of Adapin medication is indicated for the treatment of depression disorder. In addition, Adapin is also effective for treating anxiety and sleep trouble of insomnia. 

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180 Capsules Adapin 10 mg - Generic $47.52 $0.26
90 Tablets Adapin 25 mg - Generic $43.64 $0.48
180 Capsules Adapin 25 mg - Generic $71.28 $0.40
90 Capsules Adapin 50 mg - Generic $55.52 $0.62
180 Capsules Adapin 50mg Tablets $95.04 $0.53
90 Tablets Adapin 75mg - Generic $67.40 $0.75
180 Capsules Adapin 75mg - Generic $118.80 $0.66

How do Adapin works?

Adapin encompassing Doxepin as the working constituent is a drug of Tricyclic antidepressant category of medications. The considerable use of Adapin in the treatment of depression is due to the increment in the level of norepinephrine and serotonin in the CNS. During the depression, the brain chemicals imbalance, thus, the Adapin drug balance these chemicals, produce a sedative and calming response.

What is the dosing schedule of Adapin?

Adapin is available as orally administered formulation in 50mg dosage strength that can be consumed with or without the food. The initially recommended dose for treating the depression is 75mg a day depending on the response. The dose can be increased to 300mg daily in case of severe depression condition and 25-50mg daily dose can be given to patients with the mild intensity of depression. More than the 100mg dose in a day should be given in divided doses.

When should Adapin not be taken?

  • Adapin is unsafe in children and geriatric individuals unless they are suggested to take the drug.
  • Pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with allergic response to any constituent of Adapin drug should stay away from the use of Adapin medicine.
  • You must not take Adapin if you have the medical problem of glaucoma, urination, heart, liver or kidney disorder.

What are the undesirable responses of Adapin?

Dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, constipation, blurred vision, difficulty in urination or frequent urination, excessive sweating or change in appetite are some adverse reactions of Adapin medicine.

What safety precautions should be taken while using Adapin?

  • Patients with the history of drug or alcohol abuse and suicidal thoughts should be taken care when treated with Adapin.
  • To be certain about the safety of Adapin medicine to you, do not forget to clarify the medical problem of diabetes, sleep apnea, or manic disorder to your physician before taking the Adapin drug.
  • Do not combine the Adapin drug with any other medicament and with alco0chol else, it can result in negative interactions.

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