All most all men face some amount of erectile dysfunction after prostate surgery. The basic reason for it is that nerves and blood vessels that keep controlling erection are very delicate so any alteration in that area will change your natural process. However, after treatment, it takes some time until the improvement is seen. There are many cases of surgery for prostate cancer in which every man lost erection capacity. You cannot blame your surgeon for all this. Radiation therapy will cause the damaging effect. DO NOT WORRY. We have a remedy for making you capable again for an erection and that is Cenforce.


These medications are selling like hot cakes in the market. There would be hardly any man who does not love being physical with her partner. After so much trauma of surgery, your partner will find solace only in your arms and that too by physical contact. Any hindrance in your sensual life will leave him shattered. To correct the ED problem, use Cenforce and charge yourself for the action. After sensual stimulation, the nerves running sideways of penile part relaxes and so blood rushes inside leading to an erection. The value at the base of penile shuts and so there is no back flow of blood hence keeping penile rigid.     


The GENERIC of Cenforce is SILDENAFIL that belongs to PDE5 blocking class. Phosphodiesterase enzyme causes the degradation of cGMP present in the penile region. There is left with a poor quantity of cGMP. Less amount of cGMP will result in less erection. Sildenafil leads to blocking of PDE5 and hence escalates cGMP number. The high cGMP will induce vasodilation and so fast blood circulation towards penile vessels. This finally results in an erection.

*You are advised to have good sensual stimulation before having physical intimacy session.

 cenforce 150 mg

The dosage availability of Cenforce 200 mg.

A person who is dealing with frequent erection loss must try Cenforce single tablet before one hour of planned sensual intimacy session. The onset is within 30 minutes and the duration happens for about 4-5 hours time. Use it orally with water.

Some CONTRADICTORY MEASURES you must keep in mind before using this medication:


  • Use if sensitivity happens with its ingredient.
  • Use if you are already using Nitrate form of drugs.
  • Use if your age falls under 18 years.
  • Use if medicine causes a painful erection.


Keep following some precautionary measures such as mentioned below:

Before using:

  • Keep alcohol and grapefruit juice away from you as those will worsen the effects.
  • Avoid meals rich in fats, as those will slow the absorption rate.


After using:

  • Dizziness may grab you so be away from work that is too tough
  • If pain persists or erection happen for longer time then go to doctor for help


AFTERMATHS that are quite possible with the usage of this medication are as Shortness of breath, Flushing, Palpitations, Nausea, Vomiting, Painful erection, Back Pain, and Muscle Pain.


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