The question whether abortion is objective or subjective has had many heads turning.  77% of anti-abortion protestors are men and just by chance, 100% of them will never be pregnant.  All I am asking is, had men been pregnant, would abortion still create the hullaballoo it does today?

In the growing fuss about being pro life or pro abortion, the ones who are caught in between are the sufferers. You cannot understand what a woman goes through till you get pregnant untimely, yourself. Abortion no doubt is a subjective matter but are all the opinions considered? Or we only pile on our thoughts on others and make it a law? For some, it is due to mistake, some it can a forceful incest, others it might be due to lack of precautions taken whilst an intercourse but do anybody stand there… who doesn’t make mistake! At last, we all are humans…

A couple has to take many things into consideration before planning a family and trust me...a woman has to do even more. But in the case of an unintended pregnancy who should the decision rest with? If she has a career she does not want to give up on, a medical condition that does not allow her to be a mother yet, if she doesn’t feel emotionally well enough to be a mother, who decides? The head of the family? The government? Her husband? You? Me? Who does? And who should do?


Our job is not to answer that for you. Our job is to only support you, to provide you with the best of the options available for carrying out a safe abortion. And the answer is RU 486.

RU-486 is a profusely used medicament for therapeutic termination of pregnancy before 7 weeks of gestation. A woman can safely and effectively conclude her undesired pregnancy in its premature stage with ease by using RU 486. It is amongst highly suggested abortion pills, for the obvious reasons, by not just the Gynacs but also the users around the world.

Mifepristone is the chief pharmaceutical chemical compound used in RU 486. Mifepristone falls in the category of antiprogestin class of drug which reduces the level of progesterone in the body. It suppresses the growth of a fetus by not allowing it to take up oxygen and essential nutrient. The reduced progesterone level in the body also leads to the peeling of the uterine wall and omission of the placenta, which further leads to the expulsion of the necrotic tissues of fetus.

RU 486 pack comes in a pack of three, 200mg each. Ingest all the pills together on an empty stomach, with water. Wait for two days and make a visit to a  clinic to verify the abortion, which is successful in most of the cases. If, the pregnancy is not terminated then, take two Misoprostol pills, 200mcg each. Misoprostol can be taken either orally or vaginally. If you are taking Misoprostol pills vaginally, then use saline water. Misoprostol causes abortion by inducing dilation and softening of the cervix  with strong contractile motions in lower abdomen so facilitates the expulsion of the cell  debris out of the womb.  Wait for two days before visiting the clinic to confirm the news of abortion.

You may face some side effects with RU 486, for example, looseness of the bowels, unsteadiness, stomach irritation or cramping, tiredness, strange vaginal draining or discharge, and belching.


  • Do not use RU 486 to annihilate an ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy that is more than 7 weeks of the gestation period.
  • Never use RU486 if you are allergic to Misoprostol or Mifepristone.
  • If you are utilizing an intrauterine gadget, then, then you should take it off before using this drug.
  • Take iron and protein rich diet for easy recovery, you must also take proper amount of rest to regain your losse.

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