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 Sildenafil Citrate, the most popular generic anti-ED medication, is a remedy that has saved millions of men from complete despair. Cenforce 100MG/200MG are all formulations which commonly have the magic ingredient Sildenafil Citrate as their main active component. It is a PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) enzyme inhibitor; meaning that it nullifies the action of the PDE-5 enzyme and causes the muscles of penis to relax, allowing blood to gush through the penile region. It is imperative to remember that it cannot be used as an aphrodisiac and an initial mental or sexual stimulation is a must to trigger release of nitric oxide into the penis and for the formulation to work. This NO reacts to form an enzyme called cyclical guanosine monophosphate (CGMp) that induces loosening and relaxation of the arterial walls of the penis which then fill with blood easily, making the penis turgid and resulting in an erection which lasts long enough for satisfactory intercourse. These formulations with Sildenafil citrate are also prescribed by clinicians to treat the problem of premature ejaculation in men.

Any male who has suffered from or is currently in the grip of impotency or ED (erectile Dysfunction or the inability to achieve an erection) knows the mental agony that it causes, the hell that it can create and its far-reaching effects. Generally, more than a woman, a man is affected by sexual inability. This inability, in terms of not being able to satisfy either himself or his partner sexually, can be the most devastating thing for a man physically and mentally. Cenforce 100mg/200MG releases a man from the terrible cage of ED. The causes of impotence or penile failure can be disease-related (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, other cardiac disorders), drug-effect based, or psychosomatic and the results are the same as all these are responsible for reducing blood flow to the penis and consequently reducing the likelihood of an erection.

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Generic Sildenafil Citrate boosts the flow of blood into the male genital area, inducing a healthy erection to enable a satisfactory bout of intercourse. Just a single pill of any of the Sildenafil formulations taken 30 minutes before a lovemaking session gives a man a penile erection that can last anywhere between 4 to 6 hours. It is essential to avoid overdose and to remember that the permissible dose is just a single tablet in a day. It is advised to stay off cigarettes, alcohol and fatty meals when taking a dose of any these anti-ED medications as all these things may hamper the drugs absorption.

Sildenafil must not be taken by men suffering from heart conditions, retinitis, diabetes, hypertension or hypotension. It must also be avoided by men who are already prescribed with nitrate-based drugs (Isosorbide mononitrate or dinitrate), anti-hypertensive drugs, anti-fungals, antihistamines, antibiotics, anti-AIDs medications and other anti-ED drugs. Some negative effects of Sildenafil formulations could be headache, nasal congestion, vision disorder, sleep disturbance, dyspepsia and impaired hearing. Medical help must be called for if side effects last longer than can be tolerated. These pills are not to be given to children and women but can be prescribed only for men above 17 years of age. Older men are advised to only have Sidenafil or any of its products under medical supervision.

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