Cenforce - an effective approach for annihilating erection issues

Erectile dysfunction also known impotence is sensual dysfunction described by the incapability to produce or sustain an erection during physical intercourse in humans.

ED not only affect a person physically but it also has an influence on the person psychologically. A person suffering from this problem feels guilty that he is not capable enough to satisfy his partner on the bed. It also leads to depression and decreased self-respect as in our society manhood of a man is judged according to this capacity to satisfy his partner, due to which a person feels angry, frustrated and irritated.

Now your problem of erectile dysfunction can be treated effectively with Cenforce. It contains generic Sildenafil as an important active component, which is available in various doses of  50mg, 100mg and 200mg. Most of the people who have used this medication are happy and satisfied with its results. You should buy Cenforce online from our store and treat erection issues. Generic Sildenafil present in Cenforce functions by blocking phosphodiesterase type -5 enzyme leading to increased production of CGMP present in corpus cavernosum. This leads to the relaxation and widening of smooth muscles resulting in an increased flow of blood in the penile region, thus causing an erection. 

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Prescribed dose of Cenforce

A recommended dose of one tablet should be consumed 45minutes prior to the physical intercourse. This medicine is available in tablet form , so it should be consumed along with a full glass of water.

Avoid intake of fatty diet few hours before and after the administration of this medicine as it slows down the absorption of this medicine leading to decreased action of Cenforce. To prevent overdose, you should avoid consumption of more than one tablet in a day.

Intake of Cenforce is contraindicated in various conditions such as:

  • A person having an allergy to generic Sildenafil should avoid intake of this medicine.
  • If you are going through the problem of high blood pressure, then you should not consume this medicine.
  • In the case of high blood pressure, administration of Cenforce should be avoided.

Use of Cenforce may lead to various unwanted ill effects such as prolonged erection, dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, nasal congestion, unclear vision and headache.

Important points to be kept in mind while consuming Cenforce tablets are:

  • You should avoid administration of grapefruit or grape juice along with this medicine as it leads to decreased biological availability of this medicine.
  • Do not consume alcohol or any product containing alcohol along with this medicine as it leads to various unwanted ill effects.
  • Cenforce should not be consumed by children of less than 18 years.
  • Drugs containing nitrogen should not be consumed along with Cenforce as it leads to severe drug interaction resulting in decreased blood pressure.
  • Administration of this medicine makes a person feel sleepy so you should not drive or perform any work that requires a quick response.

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