Pain-O-Soma contains Carisoprodol as a core drug. It is a flourishing way to get rapid ease from muscle pain. It is the successful medicine, which can positively provide liberation from any type of pain.  It is effectively used for the management of different agonizing musculoskeletal problems by its unique approach of method.

It acts by changing the brain perception towards pain. This medicine exerts its therapeutic effect by stopping the neuronal conduction of pain sensation between the nerve and brain. It also affects the brain by altering the pain sensation.

Pain is an unbearable feeling, which may occur due to the filling of unhappiness, illness, and discomfort in a person. Muscle pain is frequently experienced by each and every person in their life. Pain may arise due to any physical injury, or damage in muscles. The two types of pain occur in body that are acute pain which persist for short period of time and another one chronic pain which persist for several months and has greater intensity than the acute pain.

Pain-O-Soma: Worthy Medicine to Manage Agony

You can reduce this unwilling feeling of pain sensation by maintaining healthy lifestyle and proper exercise. There are also various satisfactory healthy tips which may reduces the distress and discomfort related with the pain.

  • You should massage on the affected area such as legs, necks, arms, etc. can decrease the pain effectively by lowering the liberation of inflammatory chemicals.
  • You should gently stretch the affected area which may supportive to decrease the muscle ache by stimulating the blood flow.
  • You should use heat treatment to decrease the swelling occurred due to constant muscle discomfort.
  • Acupuncture: In this method, the small and thin needles are introduced into the organ of the body to ease the pain.
  • Physical therapy: It involves many physical works out and activities under the direction of expertise.

Some healthy diet may be beneficial to overcome the risks of pain like turmeric and anti oxidants. Do not consume excess of oily and spicy food.

Types of analgesics to treat pain:

  • Non steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs: It works on the physiological processes in the body that produces pain, fever, and swelling in the body.
  • Corticosteroids pain relievers are used in the management of repairing of musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Opioid analgesics are the most significant type of painkillers that are used as muscle relaxant to lessen the pain occurred in muscles.

This medicine is contraindicated in some patients, who are suffering from medical problems like senstivity problems, mental illness and seizure.

The management with this medication is strictly avoided concurrently with other medications like other analgesics, anti depressants and anti allergic drugs, as this medicine may interact with this active medicine each other and may produce serious adverse effects in a person.

Pain-o-Soma 350 mg should be consumed orally three to four times per day. You should consume this medication with a glass of water for two to three weeks. But if an older patients suffering from renal disorder then maximum dose should be reduced in these patients.

Avoid consuming overdose of this medication because this medicine may cause serious effects like difficulty in breathing, muscle hardness and hallucinations.

Safety information:

  • Do not consume this medication in excess dose for long period of time as it may increase the chance of the event of withdrawal signs and drug dependence in patient.
  • Avoid the sharing of Carisoprodol with patient, who is suffering from drug addiction and abuse.

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