RU486 - Small pills for safe and successful abortion

Several reports have been suggested that many females who have had an abortion of their unintentional pregnancy are no more likely to experience from long-term psychological or emotional problems than women who have not executed her abortion. Several females experience abortion may develop the feeling of worried emotions, guiltiness or nervousness. Whereas, some other females undergoing low self-esteem or self-belief, feeling of stigmatized and incapable to cope with unplanned pregnancy, so the women have to overcome from these situations and take a right decision to terminate their unplanned pregnancy because it protects them from the imminent hazard conditions. Some factors force to a woman to take the decision of abortion, such as relationship issues, mental and physical health problems, career, and unwillingness to take on a parenting role.

Many drugs are available in the market for abortion but RU486 is the most effective. It has been reported that RU486 aborts pregnancy successfully with less pain. It contains generic Mifepristone (anti-progesterone tablet), which helps to block the action of progesterone hormone in the mother's body. Due to the stoppage in hormone fetus become unable to grow and will die. It takes very less time to abort the pregnancy. Use this drug if you do not want to be with your unwanted pregnancy.

There is no fear of failure of any contraception methods with RU486. This drug safely aborts an unwanted pregnancy with a very less pain on a cost effective rates.

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What is the exact procedure to consume RU486?

RU486 has three generic Mifepristone, which should be taken as a single dose via an oral route along with a sufficient amount of water. After that, wait for two days and then go to a nearby hospital for the confirmation of whole abortion.

If in any case pregnancy is not completely removed, then you should consume two tablets of generic Misoprostol as a single dose along with the use of sufficient amount of water. These tablets can ingest through vaginal route along with a distilled water.

Some common annoying side effects are associated with the use of RU486 these are as follows: A headache, body ache, breast tenderness, stomach irritation, gastric upset, dizziness, drowsiness, vomiting, nausea, and vaginal bleeding.

Preventative measures that should be taken while using RU486:

  • If you ever had hypersensitive reactions towards generic Mifepristone and Misoprostol, then must not consume RU486.
  • Do not drive just after the consumption of RU486 as it may decrease your attentiveness that may create problems while driving.
  • Females under the age of 16 years are not eligible to consume RU486.
  • Stay away from the consumption of alcohol and beverages along with the use of this drug as it may amplify the risk of side effects.
  • Females who are carrying gestation more than 7 weeks should not consume this medicine, as it will not show any effect.
  • If you are nurturing your baby with the help of breast milk then avoid the use of this drug for the safety purpose of the baby.
  • You should eat a healthy diet after abortion for the fast recovery.


RU486 is a famous brand name of generic Mifepristone, which is used for abortion. This medicine aborts a pregnancy with very less pain and without producing any major side effects.

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