It was the time of night, when James with his wife was traveling in his own car and he was driving the car. They both were discussing the news story announcing on the radio when he turned toward the garage, he took his foot off the accelerator and lifted towards the brakes but he could not do it. It was surprising for him that he was unable to feel where his foot was. At that time, he got terrified when his car kept crawling toward the garage door and still he was incompetent to place his foot onto the brake. At last, his car stopped after hitting the garage door and fortunately James and his wife went out of it safely.


After that incidence, James got scared and completely stopped driving. Later on, when he went to a neurologist, he came to know that he was suffering from idiopathic peripheral neuropathic and due to this, he was experiencing the symptoms like weakness or being incompetent to hold on something, not realizing where are feet and feeling of pain. The neurologist also made him understood that there was nothing to get worried and he can easily conquer on his peripheral neuropathic pain just by devouring Lyrica medication. Fortunately, with Lyrica medication within few months, James started seeing improvement in his symptoms of peripheral neuropathy and became able to drive as well.


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Lyrica is a potent remedy that empowers patients suffering from the pain because of the nerve damage to overcome it effectively. Whether the nerve pain is associated with diabetes, shingles infection, spinal cord injury or fibromyalgia, this preeminent therapy works wondrously to serve comfort to the patient. It envelops Pregabalin as its main active module, which in association with other medications also manifest excelling action in the management of seizures.


Pregabalin functions by combining with the alpha-2 delta subunit of the voltage-dependent calcium channels in the central nervous system. It slows down liberation of certain neurotransmitters and in this way, through interacting with the calcium channels of the nerves it closes transmission of the pain signals to the brain.


There are many dose strengths in, which Lyrica can be accessible such as 25mg, 75mg, 50mg, 150mg, 200mg, and 300mg. Usually, It comes in the dosage form of capsules that a patient needs to engulf by mouth with a plentiful amount of water. In patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, a 50mg dose, three times a day is recommended which as per acceptability and need can be increased to 100mg, thrice a day. In patients with nerve, pain due to spinal cord injury, 75mg dose two times a day is suggested which as per requirement and tolerability, can be enhanced to 150mg, twice per day. In patients having seizures, 150mg dose once per day is suggested and the utmost dose strength of Lyrica that can be engulfed a day is 600mg.


Some of the noticed malicious effects with Lyrica utilization are such as of lightheadedness, dry mouth, unclear eyesight, tiredness, and lethargy.

Some defensive measures that are decisive to be taken with Lyrica are such as do not booze alcoholic beverages and if you are hypersensitive to Pregabalin, then skip Lyrica therapy. After taking Lyrica do not perform any watchfulness-required task and pregnant or breastfeeding women are prohibited to use this medication.


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