Soreness is a sign of best workout. After work out when you feel muscle soreness in your body, it means your body is transforming. This means that you are pushing your body harder for fitness. So exercise-induced muscle soreness is common. All most all of us would experience this muscle soreness at a certain point when you are undergoing fitness program. This intense physical exercise would lead to micro tears in muscle fibers and that raises delayed onset muscle soreness. This soreness builds up after 12 to 24 hours of really tough physical workout. This problem can continue for two to three days. The symptom that arises because of soreness is stiffness, slight swelling, increased tenderness, and lack of muscle strength. Soreness will make you painful and you would not be able to work properly. This muscle soreness will hamper your daily work. My dad used to suffer from muscle pain when he did gardening. He has been doing gardening since many years. During all those years, he has never suffered from muscle pain. One day he just bent to dig mud for plotting flowers, suddenly he faced severe muscle ache that tore him apart. He could not stand up and sat there only. After hearing his cries, we went towards him and helped him out by giving him, Soma. Soma has helped him to get back to normal. Soma is the effective and faster medication for pain relief. After taking Soma, you will be able to suppress painful sensations.  

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Brief Description about Soma for Back Pain:

Soma is the well-known brand for generic drug Carisoprodol that cures muscle pain or spasm. Soma 350 mg or 500 mg is much effective for any type of muscle soreness or spasm. It is effective along with rest and physical therapy. This tablet functions by stopping the transmission of pain sensations towards brain centers. It stops neuronal communication between the spinal cord and reticular formation.

Dosage instructions of Soma:

You should take Soma 350 mg tablet by oral route thrice in a day, with a good quantity of water or it is recommended that a person having muscle soreness must consume Soma 500 mg twice in a day The maximum dose of this tablet  you can take per day is 1400 mg. See also what peoples are saying after using soma 350mg tablet

Contraindications with Soma: You will feel dizzy and drowsy after using this tablet so use cautiously before you perform any harsh actions. Patients having drug abuse history should not take this tablet. Do not prescribe it to patients whose age is less than 12 years. Stop liquor beverages when you are using Soma. It is mandatory that you should not use drugs that induce sleepiness. Always remember that consult your physician before you use in lactating mothers. 

Some side effects of Soma: Some side effects you may notice with Soma are fainting, lack of coordination, dizziness, tremor, paralysis, drowsiness, fatigue, feeling irritable, blurred vision, chest tenderness, diarrhea, gastric upset, nausea, imprecise vision, confused mental state, and agitation.

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