Pain, the common word or term in everyone life as on regular basis we are bearing the pain like as muscle pain, body pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and joint pain but this kind of pain is normal and can be cured easily with the aid of painkiller, but have you ever experience the trouble of nerve pain. The pain that is happening as of nerve damage or medical injury and some nerve stress is called as nerve pain and it feels like burning sensation, needle s pricking and stabbing sensation inside body. The pain make you feel numb number of times and you not even able to move. The pain of nerve cannot even manage with the NSAIDS, as special medication is required for the pain management.

Lyrica is the branded formulation of Pregabalin and helps the patient to get relief from the nerve pain or called neuropathic pain. The nerve pain that is usually happening as of some nerve damage, never injury, diabetes, shingles, fibromyalgia and some other medical trouble. This medication is amazing and works effectively on the pain. By reducing the pain drug helps you to enjoy the everyday task without any pain feeling.

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Pregabalin the active purposeful moiety fits into the anti-epileptic group of drug. The drug usually executes its action by obstructive the conduction traveling from the spinal cord to CNS and obstruct the nerve sensation. Thus, it balanced the chemicals in the brain causes the nerve pain and provides the calm and soothing sensation to the person.

Lyrica 50mg and 150mg usually comes as of oral capsules and required to be consumed as suggested. For controlling the diabetic nerve pain, the dose of 50 to 150mg thrice a day should be consumed orally with water. The dose of 75 mg when taken two times orally helps to treat the pain as of Postherpetic Neuralgia. The patient has to swallow a dose of 150mg in a day for the treatment of Fibromyalgia. The dose of 75 to 150mg is commercially suggested for the recovery of nerve pain happening as of spinal cord damage.

Although, the intake of the drug causes some adverse action as if muscle pain, dizziness, weak muscles, and the problem with memory, vision problem, loss of balance, drowsiness, breast swelling, dry mouth, and constipation.

Hence after, the alcohol and any other kind of sleeping pills need to be avoided while taking Lyrica. If you are pregnant women and nursing mother then avoid the ingestion of Lyrica for pain. If you experience dizziness and drowsiness effect with the drug then better to avoid the drive and machinery work after drug intake. The drug has some withdrawal symptoms if drug consumption stopped suddenly, hence reduce the dose first. If you have past record of drug addiction and suffering from some medical illness then avoid the use of Lyrica.

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