Her peripheral neuropathic pain started before two years back. She had falling arches and sometimes felt leg and foot discomfort. It was at that time when numbness, burning, and the stabbing pain were continuously keeping her awake all night. At the starting she felt pins and needles, burning sensations on the feet, loss of feeling in feet aches in feet or legs, shooting pain, and electric shock-like pain. This pain passed on from one foot to other. She was losing her sense of balance and she began avoiding ladders. She began remaining sedentary than before. She avoided much walking or standing. The flexibility also lessened with time.

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This problem continued for many months, after which she decided to seek a doctor. Finally, she came to know about LYRICA. This medicine had many positive reviews. After trying this for some days, she felt huge relief in her pain. Her walking ability retrieved and then she was able to resume back her work. Now she was comfortable enough. We recommend you this medicine for better and faster relief from uncontrollable neuropathic pain.Now you can buy pregabalin online USA

The active part of this medicine is Pregabalin that behaves as a neuropathic pain reliever.

This helps in treating painful nerve disorder and stops seizures. It also helps in controlling fibromyalgia. This also works in stopping the pain happened due to shingles, diabetes, and spinal cord injury.

Dosage design regarding this medicine:

For preventing and controlling diabetic neuropathic pain just initiate using 50 mg through an oral route, threefold within a day. The drug should be taken with or without food.

For preventing and controlling post herpetic neuralgia just initiate using 75 mg twofold per day through an oral route OR use 50 mg, three times per day orally.

For preventing neuropathic pain, just use 75 mg twofold per day via the oral route. One may have it with or without meals. Swallow the extended-release tablets, do never crush the tablets.

Missed Doses:

Use the skipped dose as soon you remember.  If the next dosing time is nearby then start from that day only. Do not use an extra dose to cover up the skipped dose.

Points that are to be contraindicated:

  • This should not be taken in allergic forms.
  • This should not be taken when having renal disorders.
  • This should not be taken if you are breast feeding your baby.

Safety advice:

  • Use cautiously if your age is greater than 65 years.
  • Completely avoid alcoholic drinks.
  • You must avoid driving as dizziness may happen.

Some harmful issues that may trouble you are as weight gain, feeling sleepy, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, headache, dry mouth, tired feeling, weakness, more hunger, upset stomach, and not being able to focus.

STORE it at a proper place away from moisture, heat, and light. Keep away from small children reach at a safe place.

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