Nerve pain is triggered due to damaged neurons. These could be transmitting pain signals towards brain leading you towards intolerant neuropathic pain. Those who are suffering often look for an immediate resort of nerve pain. Nerve pain of not tackled can further lead to the development of anxiety and depression symptoms. One of the most prescribed medications for nerve pain is Lyrica. Read about its elaborated Mechanism of action here!

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The chief dynamic ingredient of Lyrica is the Pregabalin. This salt is responsible for the pain-relieving action of the Lyrica. Being an analog of the neurotransmitter GABA present in the CNS; it shows its activity by causing a modulation in the calcium-gated channels of the neurons. Thus, it producing the overall effect of harmonization helpful in the pain-relieving action of Lyrica.

The Dosing scheme of Lyrica

The Lyrica is available in capsule dosing strength of 50mg, 75mg, 100mg, 150, 200mg and Pregabalin Lyrica 300mg. Your healthcare provider will prescribe you the dosage considering your health, tolerance and age. The mode of administration of the capsule is oral. Consume it with the surplus amount of water as prescribed. Alternately, below is the breakdown of the medication on the basis of ailment.

  • For management of Post-herpetic Neuralgia: Consume 75mg to 150mg of the Lyrica capsule twice a day.
  • For the management of Fibromyalgia: Consume 50mg of Lyrica thrice day. Do not exceed a maximum dose of Lyrica is 225mg / day.
  • For the management of partial seizures- Consume 150 to 600mg/day in the form of adjunctive therapy.

Side Effects associated with the consumption of Lyrica

Ill-administration or overdosing of the Lyrica can lead you to face some serious drug after effects. These may include tiredness, weakness, drowsiness, headache, uncontrollable seizures, blurred vision, anxiety, unsteadiness, runny nose, constipation, weight gain, dry mouth and vomiting. You may consult with your doctor if these side effects are not fading away. Furthermore, your doctor can guide you for alternate medication to stop the effect of these.  

Some Legitimate precautionary measures to consider

  1. The use of Lyrica is contraindicated for pregnant and breast feeding females.
  2. Do not stop consuming Lyrica abruptly as it can lead to bad side effects.
  3. Do not consume liquor or tobacco under the effect of this medication.
  4. Avoid performing any strenuous task like driving or operating heavy machinery that requires your mental presence.
  5. Avoid grapes and grape fruit juice with this medication.

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