If you really want to get away from the state of neuropathic pain, you should try Lyrica 150 mg and triumph over the condition of pain. Lyrica is a successful, secure, and USFDA approved drug.

What is Lyrica?

Lyrica is used for the treatment of neuropathic pain that may be caused by nerve injury. There are numbers of reasons that are accountable for neuropathic pain as if shingles (herpes zoster), diabetes, or spinal cord injury. This consists of Pregabalin as a vigorous chemical constituent in it that belongs from the class of medications known as GABA analog. The main mechanism of action of generic Pregabalin is to systematize the chemicals of the brain that are accountable for transferring the signals to the brain and causes seizures and pain. Pregabalin lowers down the nerve impulse in the brain and thus influence the chemicals that are accountable for sending pain signals to central nervous system (CNS). 

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GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that fabricates tranquility and sedation and thus, generic Pregabalin offers relief from the neuropathic pain. Lyrica tablet is also used as an anti-convulsant medication especially partial onset seizure.

Dosage regimen of Lyrica-

The most recommended dose of Lyrica is 150 mg medication for nerve pain. The dose of this based on certain parameters as if age, clinical conditions, and tolerance of an individual patient. The usual dosing of Lyrica is 150 mg per day to a maximum limit of a dose of 600 mg in a day if needed and in two divided doses. You can swallow these capsules completely with water and despite the food. Make sure to continue the same time interval for every dosing. The maximum Lyrica dose is 450 mg in a day for treating the condition of fibromyalgia and 600 mg a day for treating seizures and neuropathic pain.

You may feel some common adverse effects after consuming the dose of Lyrica as if fatigue, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, constipation, bloating, increased appetite, blurred vision, trouble breathing, weight gain, and back pain.

You may undergo through some withdrawal symptoms after withdrawing the dose of Lyrica as if like nausea, insomnia, nightmares, and tingling sensation. You can call for medical help in the case of withdrawal symptoms. 

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Cautionary measures while using Lyrica Tablets-

  • If you find yourself responsive towards generic Pregabalin, you should not take the dose of Lyrica without a previous discussion of the physician and you can ask the physician for the replacement therapy.
  • Under certain health issues, you are not allowed taking this tablet as if congestive heart failure, kidney disorder, hemolytic disorder, low platelet counts in blood, depression, suicidal thoughts, and angioedema.
  • Having the property of drowsiness and dizziness, this may make your vision blurred so you should not drive or use any type of machinery as it may enhance the risk of accidents.
  • This should not be prescribed to the geriatric patients due to some side effects as if instability and confusion as it may raise the risk of falling.
  • This cannot be prescribed to the pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers 

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