Nowadays, one of the most common sensual complaints in men is trouble “getting hard” and “keeping it up.” Sexual performance and having a hard erection is one of the most important and significant characteristics of every sensual experience. Thus, failure to maintain an erection or to show performance often causes the feelings of shame and guilt because many men accept as true that “real” men should be able to please their partner in bed. Moreover, the only and best to way please their partner needs an erection. It is only the men, but their female partners hold similar expectations that her partner should satisfy her sensual needs.

These days, erectile dysfunction (ED) is often strongly associated with performance anxiety. As, men hold some anticipated fantasy of good intimate sessions, which put pressure on them to perform. When men do not accomplish the result they were hoping for, that is a hard erection, this leads to distressing feelings of grief, frustration, guilt and shame. These feelings aggravate a man's performance anxiety that may cause a significant loss in his manhood and self-esteem. In too many cases, a man’s lack of ability to reach a hard and long-lasting erection leads to the end of all sensual activity. So, before it is too late for you to treat you erection trouble, you should use Fildena 100mg to manage your trouble of erection.

Fildena 100mg is one of the best medication comes in the league of anti-impotence drugs used in the management of erectile dysfunction in men. This medicine helps a man to get or uphold a hard and long-lasting erection so that he can perform well during lovemaking sessions to satisfy his as well as his partner's sensual needs. Fildena 100mg enfolds an FDA-approved generic drug called Sildenafil citrate.

 fildena 100mg

Sildenafil citrate comes in the league of PDE-5 blockers. It inhibits the working of PDE-5 enzymes that further inhibits the degradation of cGMP obtainable in the male genital area. Sensually aroused state causes the release of NO (nitric oxide), the NO liberated causes the formation of cGMP. An extra-congregated quantity of cGMP in the male private part causes the penile arteries to relax and dilate. This increases the inflow of blood to the male private part that results in a stiffer and long-lasting erection.

Commercially, Fildena 50mg, 100mg is accessible in an oral tablet form. Take one Fildena 100mg orally at least one hour before being engaged in lovemaking session, with a glassful of water. Once a Fildena 100mg tablet is taken orally its effect last for 4 to 5 hours, so keep a gap of 24 hours between two doses of this medicine. Fildena 100mg can be ingested orally with or without food, but do not take it food containing a high amount of fats.

Sometimes, intake of Fildena 50mg, 100mg may cause some undesired effects such as headache, stomach upset, backache, muscle tenderness, stifling or runny nose, facial flushing, lightheadedness, and diarrhea.

Professional's advice:

Avoid the ingestion of alcoholic beverages or recreational drugs while relying on the treatment of Fildena medication. Do not consume Fildena medication if you are allergic to generic Sildenafil citrate or other PDE-5 blockers. Do not consume Fildena medication if you are taking nitrates to manage your angina or chest pain. Consult your doctor prior to the use Fildena in case you are having a record of the painful or prolonged erection of more than 4 to 5 hours. Never offer this medicine to men less than 18 years of age.

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