There are all kinds of experiences people go through and we are fortunate to hear some of the most expiring of them. A similar story of repulsion and success over that repulsion follows the story revolves around Cynthia who was suffering from Post-Herpetic Neuralgia. This is a condition that is characterized by nerve-wracking and staggering pain which is a consequence of nerve damage caused by herpes zoster virus.The pain varies in intensity but when chronic, it usually gets excruciating affecting various parts of the body. The pain os one of its kind and the usual painkillers often fail to give the desired response however strong they are. This is the mistake many people make and Cynthia was no different, she like many other sufferers describe it as gnawing, burning, sharp and jabbing pain or deep aching.

When she was first affected by neuralgia, she was 52, with one child, a very busy husband, an office to take care of and many other things. The pain first affected her back, the pain grew in intensity over a period of time and it almost became debilitating, she could not rest on her back, she could not lean on the chair as whenever something touched her back, she flinched and murmured in pain. The whole family was worried for her, they first tried to get some painkiller which went in vain, this confused them, Cynthia did have Herpes Zoster but it was treated. Her physician was out of town so they took her to another one, it was a wrong diagnosis and all she got was more painkillers, which had little to no effect. The pain had since then traversed from back to various other parts, it was getting difficult to cope. Cynthia is a brave woman and she did not get cowed down to the pain, she kept working but was desperately seeking for help. About time, her physician returned and diagnosed it to be nerve pain. He knew it will more than just painkillers to treat Cynthia so he gave her a medication called Lyrica, which is meant specifically to handle such pain. Cynthia now can lead a normal and happy life.

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Know more about Lyrica (Generic Pregabalin) medication

Lyrica is a hugely popular brand of Pregabalin. The massive use of this medication can be attributed to use and potency with which it manages the condition of neuropathic pain in various parts of the body arising from various conditions. Lyrica has long remained the drug of choice of leading doctors for the management of neuropathic pain emanating from medical conditions like diabetic neuropathy, herpes zoster, fibromyalgia, shingles and spinal cord injury. Lyrica acts by the subduing the pain signals arising from the affected nerves.

Pregabalin belongs to the anticonvulsants category of medication that shows therapeutic response by interacting with alpha2-delta located in the Central Nervous System. Pregabalin also works by releasing the calcium-dependent neurotransmitters by modulating the calcium channel function. As a result, electric signals from the damaged nerves are suppressed and pain signals do not travel to the brain.Read also user review for lyrica medication for nerve pain

Lyrica is a capsule preparation available in a varying dosing range of 50mg, 75mg, 150mg, and 200mg. The most recommended dose for the management of diabetic neuropathy is 50 mg taken orally thrice a  day which can later be increased to 100 mg orally taken thrice a day, the inv=crement to be made within a weeks time. Thr management of pain of Postherpetic Neuralgia requires 75 mg Lyrica taken orally, twice a day or 50 mg Lyrica took orally thrice a day which can be later increased to 100 mg orally 3 times a day within a weeks time.

A few side effects of this medication are drowsiness, infection, dizziness, constipation, fatigue,  blurred vision, headache, confusion, edema, and increased appetite.


  • Proper care should be taken off the elderlies receiving this medication as the drug induces drowsiness which can lead to falling.
  • People who feel light-headed after having this medication should not drive or give special attention to driving.
  • Kindly inform your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding a child, you must discuss the risk and benefits of this medication.

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