It is difficult to tell whether you are going through Anxiety or not or when to reach out to a doctor. The basic problem here is that we all go through anxiety so it is difficult to differentiate at least initially, you usually go on consoling yourself that it is fine, just a one-off event, but it is important to understand the symptoms so that you can go for an early treatment.

Generally, we understand Anxiety as too much worry about something or everything but how much is that too much, is a question that keeps us guessing.
In case of the most prevalent and generalized form of Anxiety called GAD, if you get anxious thoughts for most of the time of the week and it continues so for 6 months and gets in the way of your day to day job, then you should approach a doctor.
One of the symptoms which are evident mostly in such cases is of Insomnia or sleeplessness. We all are worried and lose sleep over something or the other but that is not the cases here. Here we are talking about persistence loss of sleep over everyday issues or no issue at all, you are just anxious, this is also a sign you should catch.

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Not just sleep, even the wake ups feel horrible, you feel restless and as if the day already has had a bad start. This too is as persistent as the sleeplessness. A few more symptoms to look out for is chronic indigestion and muscle fatigue. There are many cases where you
experience trembling, nausea, blushing, profuse sweating, or difficulty talking even when they are as simple as initiating a conversation or replying to one. When such symptoms bar you from making friends or getting along, then it may also suggest Anxiety.

There are various kinds of Anxiety; these are specific in nature, that is, anxiety or phobia towards a particular object, event or situation. The most considerable sign is a highly paranoid behavior when you come in contact with such a thing; the response is much heightened than the real risk involved.

Know more about Librium Medication for Anxiety:

Librium is a widely accepted, reputable brand of Chlordiazepoxide which is used for a valuable treatment of anxiety disorder and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The rationale for the massive use of this drug corresponds to its ability to bring down the anxiety to considerable extents. Librium is a very effective tool that comes handy while combating Anxiety with precision and effectiveness.

Chlordiazepoxide 25 mg medication falls in the benzodiazepine drug category. Chlordiazepoxide binds to the GABA receptors and increases the affinity towards GABA; this gives rise to hyperpolarisation as the influx of calcium ion increases. Hyperpolarized cell membranes inhibit the excitatory response giving rise to the tranquilized brain. 

Librium is a capsule which is obtainable in 5, 10 and 25mg of the dosing range. Take Librium with water. For the effective management of mild to moderate anxiety, ingest 5mg or 10mg Librium which should be taken 3 to 4 times a day. For severe anxiety, ingest 20 or 25 mg of Librium ingested 3 or 4 times each day. For the effective management of Anxiety due to Alcohol Withdrawal, take  50 to 100 mg Librium in divided doses. The dosing information here is not to take as a substitute for doctor's prescription.

A few common side effects that affect a few individuals are vertigo, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, insomnia, confusion, and irritability.

Precautions to taken care of:  

  • Librium is habit-habit in nature, the prescription should be followed strictly and you are advised not to give this drug to anyone as there are chances of drug abuse.
  • Do not take this drug if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant as this drug can give rise to withdrawal symptoms in newborn.


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