Pain plays a crucial part in defense strategy of our body but that does not mean that we have to bear it and live with it. Pain indicates something abnormal in our body that requires attention and the treatment. Pain can be mild to moderate to chronic and can be of many types. Nerve pain is one of the kinds of pain in our body that happens because of damage to the nerves. It is also referred as neuropathy that is an outcome of many other complications. Patients dealing with diabetes, shingles, spinal cord injury, or any such other conditions may develop damage to the nerves leading to neuropathy. Therefore, if you notice any slight pain, then do not take it lightly. Visit the physician and diagnosed it well to terminate nerve pain by using Pregabalin Lyrica regimen.

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Know more about Lyrica Medication for Nerve Pain:

Lyrica is an effective and FDA approved medication, for treating the condition of nerve pain and fibromyalgia in patients. Lyrica medication is also useful for treating epilepsy condition in patients when prescribed. However, it is prescribed for treating neuropathy condition due to nerve damage in varied conditions such as in diabetes, shingles, spinal cord injury, or any other leading to nerve damage.

Lyrica brand is made for generic Pregabalin, which belongs to the category of anticonvulsant medicine. Thus, Lyrica as an analog of GABA neurotransmitter helps in producing relaxing and calming responses in the brain to relieve epilepsy symptoms. In order to treat painful nerve conditions, Lyric is helpful in blocking the transmission and perception of pain signals from the site of damaged nerve to the brain and the spinal cord. Consequently, the response of brain is also altered towards pain and hence results in the nerve pain relief.

Lyrica is marketed as an orally administered formulation with 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, and 300mg dosage strengths. Lyrica is taken with an oral route using ample amount of water and regardless of the food but suggested with food to avoid symptoms of nausea. The general prescribing regimen is-

  • Lyrica 50mg is given to an adult patient for three times in a day to treat the condition of neuropathy due to diabetes. The dose may be increased up to 300mg only when needed and after the period of one week.
  • Lyrica 150 to 600mg dose is given giving 75mg as the starting dose for twice daily to patients with nerve pain due to spinal cord injury.
  • The dose of 75-150mg is given for twice daily or 50-100mg dose is given for thrice daily to patients for treating the condition of nerve pain due to shingles.

Lyrica can be habitual if taken in overdose or can cause withdrawal symptoms in the users if stopped suddenly after continuous use. Hence, Lyrica should be taken only as suggested without changing the dosing regimen. Therefore, patients with suicidal thoughts, drug or alcohol abuse history are advised not to take Lyrica medicine.

Patient taking Lyrica regimen may encounter some adverse effects of dry mouth, dizziness, headache, nausea, constipation, hazy vision, change in weight, sweating, or excessive salivation.

Hence, the Lyrica use require some safety precautions as following-

  • Symptoms of mood, or behavior change and unusual thinking should be noticed in users taking Lyrica medicine.
  • Use of Lyrica is conflicting during health conditions of liver, heart, kidney, or bleeding ailments.
  • A person should not take Lyrica if he/she is observing hypersensitivity response to any moiety of this medication.
  • Use of Lyrica is not suggested during pregnancy, lactation, in children, and elderly people.
  • You should not drink alcohol with Lyrica and must avoid driving after taking Lyrica dose.

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