Why do we need sensual intimacy?

Everyone needs physical intimacy for pleasure. With few minutes of stroking, kissing, you are lost in the heaven. That moment is so enjoyable and it makes you to crave for more. Such is the addiction of sensual act that you lust for it. Both men and women desire for intimacy. The rush of hormones released in the brain during orgasm makes you joyful. This desire to have physical act is engraved in our genes.

If a man loses the capacity to get an erection on time, it spoils all your pleasure. You can no longer enjoy that special moment with your partner. Intimacy is the basis of your connection. You both get emotionally and physically connected along with each other. Any erection disability creates huge space between both of you.

Imagine if some day you do not have physical intimacy with your partner then your whole day becomes dull and boring. Sensuality is that thing which adds excitement to your dull relationships. It prevents your relationship from getting fade away. Even sensual intimacy will add many years to your life. You might have seen old people who say that they are still enjoying being physical and that is the secret of their happiness and fitness.

To stop the frequent happening of erection failure, you must try CENFORCE 100mg. Do not beat this dysfunction as it can further damage your relationship. It is best to begin the use of Sildenafil as soon when you know about your ED issue.

cenforce 150 mg

Sildenafil is the generic component that comes under PDE5 enzyme blocker class.

PDE5 enzyme main role is to break down the cGMP of penile. There remain less cGMP that causes less vasodilation and so least possible erection. This medicine will create a barrier in working of PDE5 and hence upraises the cGMP quantity. However, enough of cGMP will induce vasodilation and so leads to more blood flow. This quick and speedy blood movement raises an erection. The outflow of blood stops and the trapped blood causes the sustaining of an erection for quite long time.

The dosages available are as 100 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg. There is a need to engulf a single tablet of this medicine prior to one hour of intimacy period. The activity begins within 30 minutes and the activity stays longer 4-5 hours. You can take it with or without food. Use the next dose only after 24 hours.

Some don'ts you have to keep following always:

  • A person should never use this if allergic to this medication.
  • A person should never use this when falling under 18 years age.
  • A person should never use when using nitrate medicines.
  • A person should never use if his erection is painful.

There are some precautions that one has to follow if using this medicine such as:

  • Do not consume the dose more than recommended by your physician.
  • Meals that are enriched with fats cause slowing of absorption thus avoid such food.
  • Grapefruit juice and alcoholic drinks cause drug interaction and worsen the effects thus avoid them.
  • Dizziness may persist after sensual engagement, thus prohibit work such as driving or operating machinery.

Common undesired harmful effects that precipitate after consuming this medicine are the as painful erection, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, palpitation, flushing, back pain, and muscle pain.



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