Abortion is termed as a process of removal of an embryo from the mother uterus or women to end a pregnancy. The two processes of surgical abortion and medical abortion can do abortion. Women have a legal right of terminating pregnancy up to 20 weeks of her pregnancy. No one has rights to force women to have a baby, as it is her choice she wants baby or not. If she does not want a baby, then she can easily terminate her baby by safe abortion. The surgical method of abortion include one-day procedure and done with help of instrumentation.


On the other hand, Medical abortion encounter of abortion pills and required some days for complete abortion. The doctor usually recommends the abortion up to 9 weeks to be safe, after that abortion process become risky or performed only if women experience a miscarriage. Women at home can do the termination of pregnancy up to 7-9 weeks easily with the medical method, while surgical method required doctor help. Therefore, it is better to avoid the surgical method of abortion and adopt the medical method of abortion-by-abortion pills. RU486 is recognized as one of the most popular abortion pills for the termination of pregnancy.

RU486 pills are taken by the women for the termination of their early stage pregnancy of 7 weeks. The pills are approved by the FDA department for the safe abortion done by women at home. It enfolds of generic Mifepristone as a functional constituent of the drug. It is used by many women across the worldwide for pregnancy termination.

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Mifepristone the active component thought to show its action by jamming the activity of progesterone hormone essential for pregnancy. It also obstructs the supply of nutrients essential for the growth of a baby. Along with that, it contributes in uterus contraction, so that baby gets detached from the mother womb and expel out from the womb by vaginal bleeding.


RU486 pills come in a pack of 3 tablets of Mifepristone 200mg. The women going for abortion should have to take three tablets of 200mg together as a single dose orally with water and it would be better if taken on the empty stomach. After 2 days, women have to visit the nearby clinic for the final confirmation of abortion. If accidental few contents of abortion last in the body, then women have to take 2 tablets of Misoprostol 200mcg followed by health check up after 2 days.


A user of RU486 pills may notice some side effects like as of vomiting, stomachache, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, severe headache, stomach cramps, irregular bleeding, bloating, vaginal bleeding, and pelvic pain.


Therefore, women have to perform complete bed rest and have to intake healthy diet during an abortion. Do not consume alcohol, grapefruit juices, fatty food and smoking while abortion. Do not drive or perform any machinery work or swimming like activity after abortion. Do not insert any IUD device while abortion. Do not abort an ectopic pregnancy with RU486 pills. Do not make a physical relationship with a partner until bleeding does not stop completely.



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