The most complex part of our body is Brain, all our body functions & actions are regulated by Brain and the nerves that extend from brain to spinal cord. These nerves are the connections between brain & spinal cord & are similar as CPU of a computer. They receive our instructions, process the same in brain & then send a message to the spinal cord via nerves so that it can regulate specific organs to function.

We take work from our body in every single moment be it writing, moving, playing, typing, holding, pushing, pulling, throwing or any endless task we do from our body......... Minute pinching, compression, injury, surgery or numbness in nerves can make the body of the person suffer from a range of pain that is none less than a hell, this pain differ from other body pain as it's not a normal body ache it's a pain of nerves defined by term "Neuropathic pain".

Whenever you got some pinching, stinging, burning, heating, pricking or got numb in any region of the body than...............DO NOT IGNORE ........&.......take it as an initial alarm to nerve pain.

Earlier it diagnosed & treated, the problem will turn temporary else be ready to live with sudden & throbbing pain or numbness in any region at any weird timing for no defined duration, might be till your last breath.............! Do not dare to take neuropathic pain lightly, it hurts really bad & can make you lie on the bed and that too not with relief, your state can be quite panic. In neuropathic pain people feel pain due no reason or say due reason that in usual do not cause pain such as shaking a hand, draping sheet, holding a cup of coffee or whilst writing.

Lyrica 150 Mg

Big disease that can come up due to neuropathic pain includes carpal tunnel syndrome, (HIV) sensory neuropathy, Meralgia paresthetica, Painful diabetic neuropathy, Phantom limb pain, Postherpetic Neuralgia, Trigeminal neuralgia, Multiple sclerosis pain, Parkinson’s disease pain, Spinal cord injury pain, Chemotherapy-induced polyneuropathy, Postmastectomy pain & many more.

Whoa! Wondering about its cure? Ah! It's efficient, rigorous and ~100% result oriented and one could buy Lyrica Medication 50mg, 150mg online cheap USA. Pregabalin is its active ingredient & the therapeutic category its belongs to is anti-convulsant.

The mechanism by which Lyrica medicine acts on us is reducing the surge of calcium-dependent neurotransmitters & some adrenergic and serotonergic chemicals in our body. Pain due to injury, surgery or due any damage of chemotherapy radiations or any disease is curable with Lyrica medication. Depending on the cause, its dosing varies. For better understanding, read this:

  • Neuropathic pain due to postherpetic neuralgia is treated by dosing 75mg/thrice a day (tid) and 150mg/ twice a day (bid) of Lyrica, the max tolerable range is 300mg/day.
  • Nerve pain due to the partial onset of seizures in adults can be treated by dosing 75 mg/twice (bid), and 150mg once of Lyrica, the max tolerable range is 150mg/day.
  • Nerve pain due to fibromyalgia can be cured by 75 mg/twice and 150mg once of Lyrica-, the max tolerable range is 300mg/day.
  • Nerve pain due to the injury of the spinal cord can be cured by 75 mg/twice (bid) or 150mg per day, the max tolerable range is 600 mg/day.

Pernicious effects that might annoy user are moderated headache, nausea, annoyance, agitation, weak in body, mood swings, restlessness, sleep apnea, depression, lack of interest in libido, an excess of sweating, pain in muscles and tremors. 

Some cautionary measures to be followed with Lyrica medication are the omission of booze, smoke & other psychedelic drugs. Do not perform any strenuous work, lift heavy weight, drive vehicle or operate any machine.


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