Circumvent Unplanned Pregnancy with RU486

Pregnancy is over and above feeling than the other things in every woman's life. After marriage every woman and man does want to make their relation better and wants to know each other and many things that a better half deserve should   know about their partner, and in a life of an couple sexual relation play an pivotal role  to bring both the person near to one and attach them emotionally, mentally. Every couple needs a child to make their family and for their family existence but It doesn't mean that every woman needs pregnancy out of an intercourse, Sometimes sexual relation are meant to make a possibly good and healthy relation between two couples. If both the partner or one of them is not ready to take that accidental pregnancy then it can be a problem for them. RU486 is a solution for the accidental pregnancy, with the use of RU486 you can execute the abortion at your own home.

RU486 use?

RU486 contains generic Mifepristone as an active chemical entity. RU486 is a noninvasive method of terminating the pregnancy. RU486 is used for executing the abortion of intrauterine pregnancy of 63 days or 9 weeks.

How does RU486 work?

RU486 is a synthetic steroid and has progesterone antagonistic activity and it acts by inferring with the progesterone which is a required for the healthy  pregnancy. Interfering with the activity of progesterone leads to some change in the lining of the uterine wall and dilates the cervix that causes detachment of the fetus from the womb and augmented contraction that causes throwing out of the fetus in form of dead tissue and clot through vaginal bleeding.

Unintended effects of RU486?

Some unintended effects of RU486 that a woman often experiences with the use the RU 486 may include increased contraction of the uterus leads to the abdominal cramps and heavy vaginal bleeding with clots and dead tissue. Other unintentional effects that an RU486 pills  include awful health, diarrhea, vertigo, anorexia , impatience, frequent mood changes, pelvic inflammation is also seen with the RU486 .

Contraindication with RU486

Woman should avoid the use of RU 486 in certain conditions such as

  • If women have a chronic history of liver disease, kidney disease, angina pectoris or other hypertensive disease should avoid the use of RU 486.
  • In a woman below the age of 18 years, RU486 should be avoided.


Preventive measures

  • Sexual intercourse should not be there for the period of 14 days or 2 weeks after performing  the terminating the pregnancy with RU486 .
  • Remove the IUDs.
  • To overcome the weakness of vaginal blood loss a woman should increase the intake of nutritionally well-balanced diet.
  • Fever persists for more than one day or if it is more than 1000 F with the use RU 486 then must discontinue the use of RU 486 and seek medical attention.


Where to buy?

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