You have definitely thought about it a million times and you cannot wait to be dirty with your woman...Your wife.


First-time intimacy has its perks and a lot of excitement. The first time a physical relationship develops between two lovers in bed is an indefinable experience that a couple can have. Whatever you think in your whole life about it, there is no planning plotting works for it. After those long tiring wedding and its rituals, intimacy is one of the best things that can relax a couple. For making it more special, your woman chooses to wear a beautiful nighty set that will wake up your mood.

Although you and your woman are nervous, it is supposed to be a man's responsibility to initiate a lovemaking task. Kissing or hugging for the first time when you know it will last at the destination of you bodies meeting produces an electrifying sensation in both of your bodies. Making her closer to give a feel of your lips on her body is able to make her crazy and at that times your words act magically in her ears.

Now when both of you cannot wait to be moved further step in your bodies, you lost your erection. At this peak time, it is one of the most shameful and awkward moments of life.

If you want to save yourself from this awkward moment and want to make it remarkable for whole life, you just need a pill of Cenforce, and then she becomes your fan.


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Cenforce medicine helps a man to improve his sensual life as well as self-worth. It gives an erection rock hard and the love session becomes long lasting with your mate. This makes your mate love the results of this medicine, and she loves your sensual body moves that you make in bed. After taking this medicine, you will remain in bed for a longer time and that makes her feel as a most special woman in the world.  

Sildenafil is the active working component present in Cenforce medicine that is active in inhibiting the degradation of cGMP by blocking the action of the PDE-5 enzyme. When a man comes in the mood to romance with his partner, nitric oxide starts releasing from his body. Nitric oxide is responsible for the synthesizing and upholding cGMP in male penile part. This causes relaxation and widening of blood vessels present in male penile part and causes a speedy flow of blood in the male sensitive area. This makes a rigid long lasting erection that remains for a long time to fill the physical requirements of your partner.

The best-advised dosing of Cenforce for a man is 150 mg.

  • Swallow one pill of Cenforce by the means of mouth one hour before you need to love your woman in bed with a colossal amount of water.
  • The action of Cenforce medicine gets slow when you take it with heavy food otherwise there is no impact of food on it.
  • This medicine remains active for 4 to 5 hours in a man's body, so no need to take second dosing of this medicine within 24 hours.

Cenforce medicine may cause undesirable side effects like diarrhea, headache, lightheadedness, rashes, burning, and redness of the skin, stomachache, queasiness, sleepiness, swelling of hands and legs, illness, protracted erection, muscle pain.

Safety tips:

Alcoholic beverages along with Cenforce medicine is restricted top taken together as it may slow this medicine.

  • Dizziness and lethargy are the most probable side effects seen in the man after taking Cenforce medicine so avoid driving a car.
  • If you are on nitrate therapy then do not take Cenforce medicine as it may result in fall in blood pressure.
  • If a man is allergic to any ingredient of Cenforce then he should avoid the intake of this medicine.