To be in bed with your lover is the best thing and gives you the world’s best feeling. Cuddled in her arms you feel loved, affectionate and happy from inner soul.  Sleeping on her bosoms gives you the best cushiony comfort. When you grab your partner from her sexy curves her body sets you in the mood of arousal to make. She is a natural addiction for fulfilling your sensual needs. She gives you everything you need and the bonding you two shares is immensely strong because of your powerful emotional connection.

But being emotionally attached and making her happy with gifts is the secondary thing. The thing comes at first priority is how well you perform in bed and to which level you may satisfy your women sensual needs. Do anytime or every time you make out sensual with her are you able to satisfy her by hitting deep inside her pleasing center called G-spot or the case is different? Have you faced the failure whilst erection in your bedroom and stands helpless in front of your partner when things came to sexual satisfaction. Are you? Then use Fildena 50mg or 100mg medication and restore your sensual potential.

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Fildena is having Sildenafil as the chief ingredient with awesome pharmaceutical properties to boost erection hardness h in men. Those adult men who’re dealing with the issues of holding erection stiffness and are incapable to restore flaccidity which is enough to penetrate deep inside to embellish both the individuals with complete sensual satisfaction. Then this sensual dysfunction case or impotence can be corrected in men by the use of FDA approved Fildena medicine.

Sildenafil has its own way to recharge the men for awesome sensual activity and the one simple way the medicine follow is enhancing the flow of blood in the groin region. The weakness in erection is often because of poor blood flow in the penile blood vessel and tissues. Fildena acts to inhibit the cGMP breakdown by inhibiting the PDE-5 enzyme action over men body. Because of this effect, the levels of cGMP goes up in the men groin that dilates the blood vessels and hence corrects the flow of blood in groin making men stood erect for a long time in his erection capabilities.

Men are recommended to take Fildena 50-60 minutes earlier to lovemaking with a colossal amount of water without crushing the dosing underneath the teeth. Effect of Fildena last in men for 4-5 hours but still you shouldn’t repeat the dosing till 24 hours else you may suffer from painful erection.

Some annoying aftereffects of Fildena are flushing, dizziness, drowsiness, tinnitus, nasal decongestion, headache, and upset stomach. The severe effects like Priapism and tearing of penile skin may when men consume the drug overdose.

Some cautionary tips you may follow with Fildena medicine are keeping a safe distance from the alcohol, cigarettes, psychedelic drugs, fatty foods, caffeinated drinks, cheesy foods, and grapefruit juices as these may alter the effect of the medicine. Nitrate derivatives must not be taken with Fildena medicine else sudden drop in blood pressure may result. Take complete caution while drive and performing any task over machinery as dizziness may occur.

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