Possibly you bent the incorrect manner while lifting something heavy. Or you're battling with a degenerative situation such as arthritis. Whatever may be the reason, once you experience low back pain, a proper painkiller is mandatory to get rid of pain troubles. Almost everyone can expect to feel that agonizing sensation due to strong back pain at some or the other point in their lives. Tramjet is now a magical relief for your in painful situations. It fits in with the pain relieving category which is intended to heal infinite throbbing pain.

Tramjet Gives You Excellent Respite from Awful Pain Troubles

Many individuals undergo sharp back pain. Unhappily, there are a lot of pain sufferers who aren't aware of how to handle and expel back problems in their everyday life permanently. Pain is signature of uneasiness that can occur at any point of time. Pain is a sensation that becomes tough to forget as it results in unnecessary obstructions in life. Thus it is better to resolve it judiciously with the help of proper medication.

There are some natural measures to help you overcome back pain problems:

  • You can use an ice pack to help relieve back pain, as it can surely lessen inflammation resulting from personal injuries that can be a reason for back discomfort. You can use the ice cubes to the affected areas several times in day for 10 to 15 minutes. This might help you actually feel better.
  • In case you have an immobile means of life, then amongst the primary things you will need to boost back pain is to begin with some sort of exercise routine. Cardio is very vital mostly as it can help you lose weight, which is very important to get rid of powerful aches.
  • Are you constantly feeling achy lower back pain? A massage can help in such situation. Getting a therapeutic massage relieves stress from the aching tensed muscles inside your back.

If you are not getting relief from pain despite of these natural treatments, opt for this popular painkiller medication, Tramjet 100mg.

How it works?

Tramadol present in this drug binds to the pain receptors (present in brain) that transfer the pain signals. The medicine works by reducing the activity of CNS that excites pain and response to the pain. It also reduces the size or magnitude of the pain impulses passed between the nerves.

Tablet of Tramjet 100mg is taken orally with glass full of water about 3 to 4 times within 24 hours. Keep in mind the maximum intake of this drug is 400mg in a day. Do not break or crush the tablet, swallow it as such.


  • If patient is hypersensitive to Tramadol or other components, avoid the consumption of this analgesic.
  • Patients having lung disorder such as asthma, pancreatic disorder or liver or kidney dysfunction should not have Tramjet 100mg.
  • If the user is having urine tract infection, pregnant ladies and lactating mothers must also stay away from this drug.
  • Avoid alcohol intake and smoking along with this drug.
  • This medication is not desirable for children below 12 years of age.
  • Do not take Tramjet concurrently with muscle relaxants, anti-anxiety medicines and sleeping pills.

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