Romance is a very interesting word. That is made up of mixed feelings of love, care, affection, and lasting intimacy. Apart from this, it has different feelings of candlelight dinner, listening of soft romantic music, looking in each other’s eyes, walking in the park by holding each other’s hand together and in last completing the love requirement of the body.

It is a longing to be with someone and acting in such a way that makes that person desire to be with you. For many couples, it is very easy to go with the flow of emotions but for some men, it becomes too difficult to reach up at this endpoint of physical requirements. This is because of erectile dysfunction (ED).

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When a man connects with his woman physically, it works as a way of love communication between both of them. A whole day of stress get ended at this time and a feeling of relaxing comes into play. It makes both of them feel the extra special warmth of love but it is more feel for a woman. This feeling can end up every small fight happened between them and lastly take the love bonding of them to the top level.

Now comes to those unlucky men, who because of ED do not remain able to enjoy these sweetly moments of romance, they can opt for Cenforce medicine for it.

Cenforce is a brand new medicine for giving an unbending erection, so that man who has lost every hope to enjoy good intimacy can enjoy it. By getting physical after the intake of this medicine, man can make his woman feel special and that feeling is indescribable for her. The main aim of the intake of this medicine is to give a solid erection, so that man can make love his woman in a way he wants. Successful love making session strengthens the bond of love between both of them that can only be possible with the help of Cenforce. The main generic medicine present in Cenforce is Sildenafil Citrate that has been proven anti-impotent medicine.

The working of Cenforce 100 mg Sildenafil Citrate starts by the inhibition of the activity of the PDE-5 enzyme. This action results in inhibition of the splitting of cGMP in the male secretive region. During love awakening, nitric oxide starts coming out from the man’s body that makes and stores cGMP in male penile part. This ends up in the vascular relaxation and broadening of penile vessels ensuing in blood flow with high speediness giving an unbending erection.

The available dosing of Cenforce at our online drugstore is 50mg, 100 mg, 150 mg and 200 mg. Firstly he needs to start up with an initial dose of Cenforce and then can move forward to the highest dose of it. Take one tablet of Cenforce before an hour of the intimate session and then its action starts coming within half an hour via oral route with excessive of water. The action of this medicine remains effective in the body for 4 to 5 hours so intake of the second dose needs to be preferred after the end of 24 hours.

Not all man faces any side effect of Cenforce but some of them go through it like reddening, queasiness, discomfort, stuffy nose, indistinctness, and GI distressed. Therefore you need to be attentive to some factors: like if you are allergic to this medicine, never take it. The man who faces painful erection after the intake of this medicine should talk to the doctor about it. Avoid doing such works that need mental alertness, as this medicine slows down the activity of mind.

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