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Buy Bimat Eye Drops | Bimatoprost

Generic Bimatoprost Eye Drops

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Quick Overview

What is Bimat Eye Drops?

Bimat eye drops containing active formula, Generic Bimatoprost is used to treat glaucoma and aid in preventing blindness. It is a prostaglandin analog that helps to lower the raised eye pressure by enhancing the flow of natural eye fluids out of the eye. Some individuals may also use this ophthalmic solution to lengthen or thicken their eyelashes. Bimat eye drops are to be used for 12 to 16 weeks for utmost eyelash growth. The positive outcomes are generally visible in just about 8 weeks. But once use is stopped, eyelashes may come back to their normal state. That's why; it is supposed to be used once a week after attaining desired outcomes.

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Under what conditions the use of Bimat eye drops is contraindicated?

  • Eye infection/injury.
  • During the daytime (or when contact with sunlight is expected).
  • Allergy to solution.
  • Inflammation.
  • During or before pregnancy.

 How is Bimatoprost eye drop used?

  • The suggested therapy of Bimatoprost is one eye drop in the affected eye(s) one time every day. The best possible effect is achieved if this ophthalmic solution is administered in the evening.
  • First and foremost thing before applying Bimat is wash your hands well before and after using this eye drop.
  • Incline your head back slightly. Pull your lower eyelid away from the eye using your index finger to form a small pouch. Drop one drop of Bimatoprost into the pouch and lightly close your eyes. Instantly apply pressure to the inside corner of the eyelid for 1 to 2 minutes by using your finger. Avoid blinking your eyes. Any additional medication should be wiped out with a clean, dry tissue, being cautious not to touch your eye. After application of the eye clean your hands well to eliminate any medicine that may be on them.
  • Never touch the applicator tip with your hands as it may result in contamination of the medication and further infection in your eye(s).

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What are the possible side effects that may arise on using Bimatoprost eye drops?

Patients using Bimat eye drops may come across unwanted side effects such as dizziness, eye discomfort, headache, dry or watery eyes, itchy eyes, stinging or burning in the eyes and/or change in the iris color. You must immediately inform your doctor in case any of these side effects persist.

What are the safety measures to be followed before using Bimatoprost eye drops?

  • Patients wearing contact lenses must remove them and wait for a minimum of 15 minutes after using this ophthalmic solution to put them back on.
  • You are advised to straight away progress to your nearby emergency department if you come across hypersensitivity reaction after using Bimatoprost eye drops. Symptoms usually associated with such a reaction include chest tightness, difficulty breathing or swallowing, puffiness, skin rashes, and hives.
  • Never use any other ophthalmic solution like Latanoprost along with Bimat eye drops, make sure to maintain a gap of approx. 15 minutes between two eye drops.