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Buy Fluconazole Eye Drops

Fluconazole Eye Drops Generic

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Quick Overview

Product description of Zocon eye drops:

Zocon eye drop is used to cure the fungal infection in the eyes. It used to manage the symptoms produced due to fungal infection like irritation, swelling, pain or crusting of the eye. The active ingredient of this medicine is known as Fluconazole (a triazole derivative) . This medicine is only effective against fungus, it should not be used to treat bacterial and viral infection in the eye. It helps to inhibit the reproduction of fungus and destroy them.

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3 Vial Fluconazole Eye Drops 0.3% - 5ml $27.99 $9.33

Mechanism of action of Zocon eye drops:

Zocon eye drops are used to cure the fungal infection in the eye by inhibiting growth of fungi. It contains an antifungal medicine called Fluconazole. It has an inhibitory action on the cytochrome P-450 enzyme which is responsible for the generation of Ergosterol (an essential element of fungal cell wall) from Lansosterol. Hence, Fluconazole inhibits the production of Ergosterol and increases the membrane permeability with an outflow of essential elements required for the survival of the fungus.

Under what conditions the use of Zocon eye drops is contraindicated?

  • It is contraindicated in a case when a patient has known or suspected allergic reaction towards Zocon eye drops or its other ingredients.
  • It is contraindicated in congestive heart failure.

What are the Drug Interactions of Zocon eye drops?

Zocon eye drops show some drug interaction when they are taken together: Clonidine, Pimozide, Quinidine and Erythromycin

How to store Zocon eye drops?

It should be stored at room temperature, away from sunlight, heat and moisture. Keep it away from children and pets.

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What is the correct administration of Zocon eye drops?

  • In order to avoid contamination, first wash your hand with soap or antiseptic before using this eye drop .
  • Then carefully remove the cap of the container and tilt your head back and look upward direction and pull your lower eyelid of your eye to make a pocket.
  • Instill one drop of eye drops in the affected eye every 4 hours for 3-4 days. Then followed by 1 drop every 6 hours.
  • Then close your eyes for at least for 1 to 2 minutes and don't blink your eyes.
  • Remove the excess of medicine around eye with a dry tissue paper.
  • If you are using contact lenses, remove it before application of eye drop and wait for 10 to 15 minutes after administration of eye drops.

 What to do in case of overdose?

In case of overdose of this medicine, consult your medical emergency help.

What are the side effects of Zocon eye drops?

Some unwanted effects are produced while using this medicine like headache, blurred vision, irritation in eyes, burning sensation in the eye, increased lacrimation, dizziness, fatigue and vomiting.

What are the safety measures while using this medicine?

  • Discontinue this medicine as soon as you discover some allergic reaction with it.
  • Don't drive a vehicle or operate heavy machinery while using Zocon eye drops because it may cause vision problems for some time after using it.
  • Never consume alcohol while using this medicine.