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Buy Melalite Cream 4% Online

Hydroquinone, Glyceryl Mono Para Amino Benzoate cream 

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Quick Overview

Melalite cream is an astounding therapy to heal external skin conditions especially of the face such as marks of a pimple and acne, blemish, scars of stitches associated with pregnancy, melasma, suntan, black and white heads, lentigo, freckles and fine lines.

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
1 Tube Melalite Cream 2% - Hydroquinone Cream 2% $12.00 $12.00
3 Tube Melalite Cream 2% - Hydroquinone Cream 2% $35.00 $11.67
1 Tube Melalite Cream 4% - Hydroquinone Cream 4% $16.00 $16.00
3 Tube Melalite Cream 4% - Hydroquinone Cream 4% $46.00 $15.33

Hydroquinone is the chief vibrant element of the medicated external topical preparation a.k.a Melalite Forte cream. This acts equivalent to bleaching agent used in various pharmaceutical preparations for lightening the skin hyperpigmented region. Moreover, the cream also acts by diminishing the melanin formation under the skin, the culprit of skin darkening.

Application tactic to use Melalite Forte cream:

In lieu of applying Melalite, a cream person has to wash or clean their face either by soap or with the aid of a cleansing agent. Now, squeeze the tube to pour a small amount of cream over your fingertip or on a cotton ball, and apply the same in a circular and upward motion with mild pressure.

A person can use the cream only over the affected areas twice a day, once in dawn and other in the dusk. Allow the cream to rest on the face for min 60 minutes and max for overnight. Continue its usage for duration prescribed by the physician.

Pernicious effects linked with Melalite Forte cream:

Due to dissimilar facial conditions, some people can face pernicious effects such as skin irritation and redness, stinging, itching, rashes, burning sensation over the applied areas.

Prudent foresight linked with Melalite Forte cream:

  • Screw getting the cream into open mucosal regions such as eyes, nose, lips, and mouth.
  • Evade its use if in case you suffer from serious skin irritation after its use.
  • Shade the sun exposure whilst you are relying on Melalite forte cream.
  • Avoid using this cream over burned, chapped, irritated, cut, wounded or dried skin surfaces.

Dissuasions linked with Melalite Forte cream:

  • In the instance of hypersensitivity or allergy after the use of cream, one must omit the cream usage and seek the advice of a physician.
  • The use of cream is prohibited for children below 12 years of age, without the prescription of a physician.

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