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Buy Zonegran 25mg Online | Zonisamide

Zonisamide (zoe-NIS-a-mide)

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Zonegran 25mg (Zonisamide)
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Zonegran 25mg (Zonisamide)

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This drug must be used in the direction of your doctor. Do not overdose it. If overdose is taken by you just talk to your doctor instantly or else it may cause some serious problems for you.
It has some side effects like perplexity, trouble in sleeping, faintness, headache, nausea and vomiting, unclear speech, strange movement of eye. If you feel any side effect after using this medicine, talk to your doctor immediately.
You must use this medicine after consulting to your doctor. This medicine has some side effects that can be very harmful for you so you need to make sure that your doctor has given you sufficient information about it. You can also read the leaflet of the medicine and if you are not sure about something then please consult your doctor. Do not give this medicine to someone else even if he is also suffering from the same signs.