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Grifulvin-V Generic Griseofulvin


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It is important to follow the dosing timetable set by the doctor to avoid an overdose. Overdose of this medicine can cause some serious effects.
This medicine can give you some side effects like fever, chills, pain in body, flu, sores in your mouth and throat, joint pain or inflammation, swollen glands, inconsistent skin color etc. Talk to your instantly after feeling any kind of severe side effect.
To avoid the interactions of this medicine while using it with some other medicine, you must tell your medical record to your doctor. Take the dosage according to the doctor’s prescription. Avoid giving this medicine to anyone one else who is also suffering with same problem otherwise it can cause some very serious side effects to that person. For more information you can read the leaflet of the medicine and if things are not cleared for you then ask your doctor to clarify it.