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Sildenafil Citrate-kamagra Gold

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Quick Overview

Generic Sildenafil citrate is present in Kamagra Gold as chief therapeutic component. It increases the flow of blood to the male reproductive organ resulting in a longer, stronger and firmer erection. This is the outcome of enhanced nitric oxide chemical in the body that permits the smooth muscles of the male genital organ to relax and expands the veins in the male organ area so that the oxygen and blood may pass through. With rapid enhanced blood flowing in and flowing out less, the arteries and veins in the male genital organ widen, resulting in a hard enough erection.

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
20 Tablets Kamagra Gold - Sildenafil Tablets $24.00 $1.20
40 Tablets Kamagra Gold - Sildenafil Tablets $44.00 $1.10
100 Tablets Kamagra Gold - Sildenafil Tablets $100.00 $1.00

Kamagra Gold is prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and gives you complete sexual pleasure while sexual activity. Kamagra Gold is one of the miraculous medications, if male uses it he can gain a special pleasing moment with his partner. Erection difficulties (erectile dysfunction or impotence) occur due to a lack of proper blood flow to the male genital organ. If you are not getting or not able to maintain a firm erection for a pleasing sexual act that means the blood flow to the penile area is not adequate enough. And this issue creates troubles in your relationship. You can give a perfect shape to your happy relationship now with this excellent solution. Make your partner happy by gifting her a satisfactory lovemaking. If you are suffering from the troubles of erectile dysfunction or impotence, you are the right place; you can easily buy Kamagra Gold from this online store. We offer you 100% satisfaction and delivery within 2 to 7 days at very economical rates.

Besides, its use in impotence, Kamagra Gold is also proven to helpful for those people who are suffering from moderate to severe levels of anxiety. Kamagra Gold helps them lessen the condition and recover their standard of living.

Benefits of Kamagra Gold-

  • Produces stronger and harder erections
  • Cost-effective with assured safety
  • Improves sexual stamina and energy
  • Manufactured with high quality components
  • Enhances sexual desire and arousal

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Kamagra Gold must be taken by mouth with glass full of water. The suggested dose of this medication is 50 mg, taken as required, roughly 60 minutes prior to physical interaction. Depending on the tolerance and effectiveness, this dose may be reduced to 25 mg or increased to a maximum approved dose of 100 mg. Most importantly, to get the maximum desired effect during physical intimacy, sexual stimulation is must before taking this drug.

All drugs which contain Generic Sildenafil may produce negligible side effects in some males. The most general Kamagra Gold side effects involves stomach upset, headache, dizziness, facial flushing, diarrhea, nausea, runny nose and vision problems. The side effects will usually fade away within a few hours. Other more severe side effects may include loss of hearing, differentiation between colors blue and green and angina or chest pain.

Precautions While Taking Kamagra Gold

  • Kamagra Gold is only for males with ED. It is not for children and females.
  • Avoid taking Kamagra Gold with heart medications such as alpha-blockers, as this interaction may lead to a considerable drop in your blood pressure.
  • If you are having a history of bleeding disorders like hemophilia or anemia or stomach ulcers, do not take Kamagra Gold.