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Provibol | Mesterolone Tablets 25mg

Provibol - Proviron - Mesterolone

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Quick Overview

Provibol 25mg contains generic Mesterolone of the androgen group which is used to treat deficiency of endogenous androgen formation. It is derived from synthetic male sex hormone testosterone. It comes under the category of steroidal drug which possess anti-estrogenic property. Provibol 25mg is meant to boost up libido and helps to develop male sex organ and secondary male sex characteristics.

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Generic Mesterolone is an active constituent of Provibol 25mg. It works by preventing the formation of estrogens. Provibol 25mg binds to the estrogen receptor, and reduces the action of estrogen. Along with this, it naturally is encouraging the formation of the testosterone.

Uses of Provibol 25mg-

Provibol 25mg is used to treat sexual dysfunction and low libido in the men. It is also used to treat decreased level of testosterone. Provibol 25mg is also used to deal infertility in males.

Drug Interactions of Provibol 25mg-

Some of the drugs which should not be taken with Provibol 25mg are as follows:

  • Anti-diabetic drugs such as Glimepiride, Glipizide and Metformin.
  • Levothyroxine.
  • Neuromuscular blockers such as Acetylcholine, Succinylcholine and others.
  • Anticoagulants such as Warfarin, heparin and others.
  • Cyclosporine.

Contraindications of Provibol 25mg-

Provibol 25mg is contraindicated in the following conditions:

  • It should not be taken by the women.
  • Don't take it if you ever had any kind of allergic to Mesterolone or any other inactive ingredient of Provibol 25mg.
  • In case of liver or kidney related problems don't take it.

Provibol 25mg should be stored at room temperature below 30 degree C. It from heat, moisture and direct light. Store it at a cool and dry place. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

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Dosage and Adminsitration of Provibol 25mg

Provibol 25mg tablet should be taken orally with a glassful of water three to four times in a day for a few months. An individual can take this medicine with or without food. Do not crush or chew the tablet.

The individual should not take more than the prescribed dose as extra consumption of the medicine cause severe side effect such as diarrhea, stomach pain and nausea. In case of overdose, consult with your doctor.

In case of MISSED dose take it as you come to know about it. If it is the time for the next dose skip the dose and follow the regular dosage schedule.

Adverse Effects of Provibol 25mg

Some of the commonly seen side effects of include Hypercalcaemia, Headache, Depression, Anxiety, Lack of concentration, impaired glucose tolerance, Frequent or constant erection, Baldness, Abdominal pain, Acne, Increased blood pressure.

Safety Tips While Using Provibol 25mg

Some of the safety tips should be followed while taking Provibol 25mg such as:

  • Never share your medicine with others.
  • Don't take more than the recommended dose.
  • It may cause some side effects so be cautious while driving and operating machines.