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Buy Silverex Ionic 20gm

Silver Nitrate Gel and Ethyl Alchohal

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Quick Overview

Silverex ionic is made of an ionic form of silver that is silver nitrate and is available in the gel form to be applied topically. The most significant use of Silverex ionic is in treating the burns, wound infections, cuts, stitches, or post-surgical wounds. This gel promotes the faster healing of the wound and reduces the inflammation related to burns or wounds. Removal of unwanted tissue growth is also treated with the use of Silverex ionic gel.

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
1 Tube Buy Silverex Ionic 20gm $19.86 $19.86
3 Tubes Buy Silverex Ionic 20gm $45.58 $15.19
6 Tubes Buy Silverex Ionic 20gm $83.16 $13.86

Silverex ionic is made of silver nitrate as an ionic form of silver. This gel preparation possesses antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Hence, with the blockage of the respiratory system of microorganisms, Silverex ionic gel alters the DNA or genetic material of microorganisms in order to kill them. This medication dries the wound rapidly in order to heal it fast.

The method to use Silverex ionic-

Silverex ionic is a gel formulation that has to be applied externally on the skin and only at the intended surface. It should be applied on warts or burns only and not on the adjacent skin surface and used for once daily. While using Silverex ionic gel, make sure it is not exposed to eyes or any other sensitive skin surface. Silverex ionic is not for the treatment of genital warts. Do not mix the Silverex ionic with any other topically applied or any other medication.

Adverse effects of Silverex ionic-

Temporary staining of skin and clothes, pink eyes (conjunctivitis), electrolyte imbalance, volume depletion, methemoglobinemia are some adverse effects of the use of Silverex ionic preparation.

Noteworthy points while using Silverex ionic-

  • Silverex ionic should not be used in more than suggested quantity and do not make in contact for prolonged with the skin.
  • Take physician consultation with the use of Silverex ionic if you are pregnant or breastfeeds.
  • Children, neonates or geriatric persons should stay away from the use of Silverex ionic gel.
  • Do not use the Silverex ionic on broken, chapped, sunburned, eczematic and hypersensitive skin area. 

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