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Buy Ultram 200mg Online | Tramadol


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Quick Overview

Ultram 200mg is an Opioid analgesic. The generic name of Ultram is Tramadol. Ultram 200mg is pain reliever. It is used to moderate to severe pain, back pain, arthritis pain, headache etc. It is also use in the management of fibromyalgia. Its analgesic duration of action on body is about 1 hour. But less effective than morphine, and other Opioid analgesic. It is immediate release tablet, consume this tablet by oral administration.

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Mechanism of Action of Ultram 200mg-

Ultram 200mg is deals with to moderate the severe pain. Ultram 200mg contain the generic term of tramadol. It binds the 'u' type Opioid receptor and inhibiting the re up taking of serotonin. So Ultram 200mg manifests or act on body and relieve severe pain of musculoskeletal.

Indication of Ultram 200mg-

Ultram 200mg is indicated as Opioid analgesic which is used to treat the pain of muscles. It is effective as a pain reliever so it can be used in the management of pain in various parts of body. It is safe analgesic than the other analgesic drugs or NSAID. It can be used in the combination of Paracetamol or Acetaminophen to treat inflammation disorder, and as antipyretic action also.

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Dosage of Ultram 200mg

Ultram 200mg can take two to three times a day with water, with full meal not in empty stomach. Ultram is available in following mention dose:

  • Ultram 200mg is maximum dose for severe pain of injury;
  • 100 mg is a dose can take two to three time or if needed for the analgesic activity.
  • 50 mg and 25 mg is minimum dose can take three to four time a day with water for the management of back pain, arthritis pain, or another sever pain.

Missed dose of Ultram 200mg

If you skip any dose of Ultram, then get it as soon as possible but if time near to the next day leave the missed dose. So continue your dosing schedule. If you missed the dose of Ultram, than do not take extra medication.

Over doses of Ultram 200mg:

In case if you increase the dose of Ultram so some common effects may induce such as: fall in BP, drowsiness, muscle weakness etc.

How can store the Ultram 200mg?

  • It should be stored at room temperature.
  • After using medication, you should be stored in tightly closed container.
  • Keep this medicine out reach of this child.

Drug interactions with the Ultram 200mg

Drugs, which avoided with Ultram 200mg, because some drugs affect the activity, pharmacology, absorption, metabolism of Ultram, so Ultram 200mg do not take with these kinds of drugs:

  • Pethidine, mepridine is also interacted with Ultram 200mg.
  • It is interacted with ethambutoland, rifampin.
  • Pethidine, mepridine is also interacted with this kind of drug.
  • Tepentadol, Dextromethorphan, so it can avoid with Ultram 200mg.

Contraindications with Ultram 200mg

These are conditions in which Ultram 200mg will not take. In some conditions, Ultram can create severe problems. So in case Ultram will avoid, these conditions mention below:

  • In case of pregnancy Ultram 200mg can create problem. By the use of this medication in pregnancy it affects newborn baby.
  • In case of breastfeeding mothers.
  • In case of pediatric patients below the age of 12 years.
  • In case of stomach and intestinal ulcers.

Adverse effects of Ultram 200mg may occur

During medication of Ultram 200mg may induce some side effects which mention below:

  • Chest pain, yellow eye and skin can also occur.
  • Heart rate may increase by dose of this kind of drug.
  • Fall in BP may induce.
  • Vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, can be induce by the Ultram 200mg.

Some precautions of Ultram 200mg can careful for us:

  • Driving should be avoided while taking it.
  • Heavy or machinery work should also be avoided.
  • It should be taken after full meal, not in empty stomach.
  • In case of pregnancy don’t take it.
  • Don’t take alcohol if you take together then it can harmful. So alcohol avoided.