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Zanaflex 4mg | Tizanidine


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Quick Overview

Zanaflex 4mg with Tizanidine hydrochloride as active ingredient is a short-acting muscle relaxant. It blocks pain sensations that are sent to the brain. Zanaflex is used to treat spasticity and it relaxes muscles of the body. The person should take Zanaflex 4mg tablet orally to overcome muscle pain and discomfort.

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Mechanism of Action of Zanaflex 4mg

Zanaflex 4mg reduces spasticity by agonist action on alpha-2 adrenergic receptor which increases presynaptic inhibition of motor neurons and hence muscles of body are relaxed.

Benefits of Zanaflex 4mg

It treats-

  • Muscle spasm due to sclerosis, cramps
  • Spinal cord injuries

List of Following Drugs That Should Not Be Used With Zanaflex 4mg

  • Ambien
  • Cymbalta
  • Fish oil
  • Lyrica
  • Nexium
  • Topamax

Zanaflex 4mg Should Not Be Taken Under Following Conditions

  • If patient is having a history of head injury or epilepsy then he/she should not take Zanaflex 4mg.
  • If patient is suffering with liver or kidney disease then Ultram should not be consumed.
  • Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers should avoid use of Zanaflex 4mg.
  • Hypersensitive persons should not consume Zanaflex 4mg.
  • Patients suffering from epilepsy, schizophrenia or any mental disorder not consume Zanaflex 4mg.
  • Patient having long QT syndrome should not take Zanaflex 4mg.

How To Store Zanaflex 4mg

Zanaflex 4mg should be stored under following condition-

  • Zanaflex 4mg should be stored at room temperature 30oc.
  • Avoid storage of medicine from direct heat, light, moisture.
  • Keep Zanaflex 4mg away from the reach of children.

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Adult dose for muscle spasm- Patient should take 4 mg orally after every 6 to 8 hours and maximum 3 doses in a day. Maximum dose should not increase more than 12 mg in a dose and 36 mg in a day.

Procedure To Consume Zanaflex 4mg

  • Take Zanaflex 4mg with full glass of water.
  • Do not consume more than 3 dose of Zanaflex 4mg in a day.

Overdose Of Zanaflex 4mg

Overdose is defined as the condition of uptake of excess dose of medicine.


Some symptoms that occurs while taking overdose of Zanaflex 4mg are-

  • Muscle pain, cramps, termers,
  • Dizziness, drowsiness
  • Fever, dry mouth
  • Diarrhea , constipation, vomiting, stomach ache
  • feeling of Anxiety and nervousness

If any of these symptoms are seen then following precautionary measures should be taken-

  • Stomach of the patient should be emptied immediately and proper hydration should be maintained.
  • Patient should be made to vomit (gastric lavage) so that unabsorbed drug comes out from the body.

What To Do If A Dose of Zanaflex 4mg Is Missed

  • If patient’s dose is missed then they should take it immediately as they remember.
  • If it’s time for next dose then in such a case patient should consume next dose and after that start the medication routinely.

Adverse Effects of Zanaflex 4mg

Adverse effect is defined as the harmful effects resulting from medication.

Following are the side effects of Zanaflex 4mg-

  • Problem in urination
  • Mood swings, headache, dizziness, anxiety
  • Chest pain, tremors and increased spasticity
  • Fainting , hallucination
  • Skin rash , itching
  • Stomach upset

Precautionary Tips To Be Followed While Taking Zanaflex 4mg

  • Elder patients suffering from breathing problems should not consume Zanaflex 4mg because it may cause problem in breathing.
  • Do not consume alcohol beverages as reaction between Zanaflex and alcohol may cause death.
  • Zanaflex 4mg highly sedative so avoid activities that requires alertness.
  • Geriatric patients having respiratory problems should not consume Zanaflex 4mg in more amount as it may cause problem in breathing.